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ESCAPE Paragliding Ltd

We are a small paragliding company based in the Lake District.

We run paragliding courses all round the globe. We aimed to provide the highest quality of paragliding training and guidance. All our team pilots are  BHPA (British Hanggliding & Paragliding Association) Certified Instructor/Guided. 

Team Pilots :

Joshua Sanderson is a highly experienced pilot and an Air Experienced  Instructor. He has been paragliding in the Lake District for over 10 yrs. He is a skilled pilot & brilliant guide with a log of 4000+ hours of airtime.

Jocky Sanderson is a world-class pilot and Chief Flying Instructor with over 30 years of experience. He is the coach of the British Paragliding team. He was ranked 3rd in the paragliding world Championship and was the captain of the British paragliding team for many years. Currently coach of the British Paragliding Team

With a wealth of experience, you couldn’t be in safer hands. 

We also run a Paraglider Services centre called THE FLIGHT PARK.

Using the latest machines and testing equipment, the Flight Park technician (BHPA Certified) provides a professional repair, re-pack, and testing service for individual pilots, clubs, and schools.

Our Team

Josh Sanderson

Air Experience Instructor, Team Pilot, Sales & Service.


Jocky Sanderson

Chief Flying Instructor, Team Pilot


Kanan T.

Trainee Instructor, Team Pilot & Support.


Katherine Wilson