Bir, Billing

Join us in Bir, for spectacular XC flying conditions in the majestic foothills of the Himalayas. Flying the 100+ km main ridge spreading East to West with cloud bases up to 6000m, giving pilots amazing opportunities for XC flying. 

  • XC1 – 18th to 25th October
  • XC2 –  27th October to 3rd November  

Mountains of India

Situated in the North of India at an altitude of 2400m, Bir is one of the world’s highest takeoffs. Enjoy the breathtaking mountains of the Himalayas, flying conditions are very reliable and we often fly every day of the trip and focus on training all aspects of flying. Thermals average 3-6m/s lending its self to pilots who have the base level experience in XC flying. 

On a typical day, you will be driven to the takeoff, where you’ll be given a team brief/de-brief. Once everyone is ready we’ll set a task to fly and then take off together. We will fly as far as possible under radio guidance, as a team. One of The Flight Park’s guides will be with the first group and the other guides will be positioned throughout the pack, with the last one bringing up the rear. Throughout the course, the guides will switch positions through the pack so that you can get the most out of each one’s flying and guiding styles.



There are 2 main ways to get to Bir:

1. Domestic flight from Delhi to Dharamshala and from there you can get a taxi to bir.

2. Overnight bus from Delhi -ISBT Kashmiri gate, which will take you directly to Bir.


Bir is a small town but has quite a few hotels and homestays to choose from and they are 5-10 min walk from the morning meeting point.
Our guides have traveled to Bir many times and can advise you on the best places to stay that suit your needs.

Fees & Dates

Guiding Fees: £800 includes XC guidance & daily mountain transport.

Duration: 10 days

Lead Guide: Josh Sanderson

Flying Site

Takeoff in Bir is 2400m ASL, it is a brilliantly constructed grassy launch that is well maintained and suitable to all pilot levels.  Once you arrive at the takeoff, there is a very short walk up the hill to get to the best launch spot. There we will have a briefing for the day and set a task for us to follow. After this, we will enjoy a wonderful day flying together.

Typical Routes

House thermals after takeoff are very reliable, at the start of the day we will step climb up the ridge to get to a high point as the day reaches max heating. From there we will set out following the ridges west and completing an out and return flight of around 100km. 

The usual flight will be 100km out and return with a first turn point at Dharamshala, from there we will turn back and head toward 360 which is a very distinct mountaintop. Then it’s back home to Bir, where we will land in the main landing field and go for a meal and a debrief.  

Trip Checklist

01. Flying Kit

We expect that you will arrive with a functional paraglider, harness, reserve parachute, helmet, and Vario/GPS.

We recommend you bring along your own trackers (Inreach / Spots). If you don’t have one then we can provide you with one, but do let us know before the course.

The weather is nice but it is really cold while flying, thus we recommend you to fly in thick layers, proper down jackets,  and thick or heated gloves.

02. Insurance

It is essential that you have travel insurance that covers you in respect of the following:

  1. Medical Treatment
  2. Medical Repatriation
  3. Search & Rescue by helicopter

We will hand out a central grab sheet form, where we would like all pilots to fill in their emergency contact details, insurance policy, and contact numbers.

This grab sheet also mirrors all the Risk Acceptance sign-offs that are a part of this document. Please give it a good read and make sure you understand and accept the risk involved.

Course Dates